Sometimes You Eat Dinner In The Dark

Sometimes you eat dinner in the dark because the light reveals everything that’s missing.

Sometimes you cry the minute you get in the car because you’ve worn a mask all day.

Sometimes you wallow in self pity because this wasn’t supposed to happen to you.

Sometimes you lay in bed, paralyzed by depression, because you are all alone.

Sometimes you wallow in self pity because there are no friends close by to call on.

Sometimes you just stop sleeping even though sleep should bring sweet relief.

Sometimes sleep ceases to be relieving and instead becomes an anguished battle for rest.

Sometimes you lose all motivation because you stop caring about anything.

Sometimes you feel nothing but hate inside.

Sometimes you want to scream at all the people that say things like “you’re just always there for me when I need it” because filling the holes in someone else’s life is all you’ve ever done.

Sometimes you don’t want to be easy to love because being easy to love feels like being taken for granted.

Sometimes you want to be complicated so someone will fight for you.

Sometimes you can’t figure out if your instincts are right or your mind is self-sabotaging.

Sometimes you don’t follow your normal “but here’s the silver lining” at the end of your writings.

Sometimes there isn’t a happy ending.

Sometimes life just fucking sucks.

Sometimes you disgust yourself with your depression and self-pitying.

Sometimes you allow it anyway because it happens, no matter how strong you want to be.

Sometimes you eat dinner in the dark.




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