Accept Yourself {finding balance}

Maybe we aren’t meant to completely change the things about ourselves that we don’t like.
We focus all this energy and time into forcing ourselves to not do what comes naturally to us, and for what reason?

Maybe instead of exhausting ourselves trying to change our thought patterns we take a step back and we accept ourselves.
Accept yourself.

That line came up in a conversation with a friend last night. Accept yourself. We hear so much lately about body positivity and loving how you look, but do you love how think, feel and love? Do you accept the way you do things? Do you accept the way your mind works or do find all your inner flaws?

I am an empath. I don’t say that in a superpower kind of way. I simply devote much of my time and thoughts to what other people are feeling. Almost everything I do, I do with someone’s feelings in mind. I feel the feelings of those around me, and those I love the most. It is exhausting. I’ve been trying to stop myself from doing it and frankly that’s exhausting as well.

In the same conversation with my friend, he said this:

“So you’re trying to focus on stopping something that is exhausting, which in turn is exhausting you and making you feel bad. Accept yourself. This is what you do. Maybe you don’t want to, maybe you would like something different, maybe it’s not who you ARE. But it’s what you do. So we are told to fight it, fight everything that comes naturally to us instead of taking a step back and looking at it without judgement.
Maybe it isn’t good or bad. It’s just something you do. Like who you love. Maybe it isn’t good or bad, it’s just something you are doing right now. Instead of focusing on the judgement call all the time, maybe look at the feelings and values surrounding it. Accept what it is and where you are at right now.”

Instead of trying to stop myself from doing what comes naturally, instead of quitting cold turkey, I need to find the balance. It’s not a bad thing to feel the feelings of those around me. But it’s not good if I never take account for my own feelings. It’s not good if I don’t even know what I feel because I’m feeling someone else’s feelings.

Accept myself. Accept the way I think and feel and process and find the balance.

There is peace in knowing I don’t have to fight against who I am.

Today I accept myself and all the love that I have for so many people.


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