the world is only ours

Warm lips press against my temple. Wake up, they whisper.

I breathe in the familiar scent of him.

He is here and I am here and for the moment the world is ours and only ours.

A hand at the back of my neck another one roaming down my back, I am pulled closer until our bodies are melded and time stands still.

For now. in this world of our own making, time is suspended in a tantalizing twist of breathlessness and passion.

His lips seek mine, soft and tentative at first. There is some sort of magic in our connection that makes that every first kiss feel like the first time I kissed him.

His lips pull me in again. A sound catches in the back of his throat and I am falling. Tumbling.
Into this world where I am safe.

The usual chaotic, anxious spinning of my thoughts slows down until there is nothing else except this moment with him. I live for the moment. I live in the moment.
I live for these rare moments when I am fully present.

My eyes slowly blink open.
The curtains are drawn, and the morning light is just starting to peek through.
He is here. I am here.

Hi, I whisper.

and for now the world is only ours.


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